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Strengthening our team to meet the growing organizational demands for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Aug 16th 2023

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Finnish trailblazer organizations remain committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion despite the recent societal turn of events that hinder progress towards societal equity. While previously there has been a stronger emphasis on DEI efforts that center around one-off trainings, workshops, and isolated DEI projects, it has become evident that organizations now aim to pursue a more ambitious, strategic approach to DEI. 

Trailblazer organizations across various industries such as Plan International Finland, Reaktor, Rovio and Metacore are paving the way for strategic and ambitious DEI progress. That has not only helped their own organizations become more inclusive, but is also driving the evolution of the DEI industry as a whole.

New deidreamers infuse experience, strategy, data know-how, and fresh perspectives


As a result of this expanding demand for DEI services, we are happy to announce the additions of a new partner, Priyanka Banerjee, principal consultant Mirva Haltia-Holmberg, senior consultant Heidi Pech, and a trainee, Adrien Fernandez to our deidei team. With the new additions, we are well-positioned to take our services to the next level to match the developing needs of our clients and industry.


Priyanka Banerjee (she/her) joins deidei as a Partner after founding and running her own DEI consulting company, BusinessWiz. Her extensive experience in DEI data, analytics and consulting will strengthen deidei’s ability to support clients to adopt a data-driven approach to their strategic DEI initiatives.

Mirva Haltia-Holmberg (she/her) joins deidei from Reaktor as a principal consultant. Mirva brings extensive know-how on strategy work and business design, which will help deidei's clients create effective and sustainable DEI strategies that align with their overall business objectives.


Heidi Pech (she/her) is an independent DEI advisor and speaker, and she joins deidei as an external senior consultant. She brings extensive experience of building and executing in-house DEI strategies and operations from her previous role of Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Futurice.

Adrien Fernandez (he/him) joins deidei as a trainee from Slush’s product team with a tech background. As the DEI consulting industry lacks experienced professionals, deidei is determined to provide entry-level and trainee positions to develop more talent in the industry.


"We are thrilled to welcome these talented individuals to the deidei team," says deidei’s CEO Jasmin Assulin. "Their different skill sets and perspectives will enable us to provide even greater value to our clients and contribute to the overall progress of DEI in Finland, Europe and beyond."


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