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deidei's first year in numbers 


Hey hey, we are deidei

An agency that helps organizations on their DEI (diversity, equity & inclusion) and inclusive comms journeys.


deidei was founded in February 2021 by three equal co-founders and DEI experts: Jasmin Assulin, Iina Salminen and Nasim Selmani who all have a long background and extensive experience about advancing DEI in organizations.  

Meet Our Team


CEO & Co-founder
Jasmin Assulin (she/her)

Our CEO Jasmin is a DEI, racial equity & comms specialist who has worked with many organizations on different themes and topics regarding DEI & communications. Previously she worked as Comms and Inclusion Specialist at Wondershop/We Foundation.


CD & Co-founder
Iina Salminen (she/her)

Our Creative Director Iina is a DEI & comms specialist with extensive experience in inclusive communications and marketing as well as organizational and structural inclusion. Previously she worked as Head of Comms and Marketing at Inklusiiv.


COO & Co-founder
Nasim Selmani (he/him)

Our COO Nasim is a DEI & people specialist. He was the first Chief Inclusion Officer at Slush in 2018 and has got a background of building inclusion in organizations, people operations & inclusive leadership. Previously he worked as Executive Producer at Zoan. 

DEI Trainee 
Sunna Mbye (she/her)

Our DEI Trainee Sunna is a recent MSSc graduate with a major in International Relations and Affairs. Her areas of expertise include e.g. communications, qualitative analysis, racial equity & inclusion. Previously she has worked at the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.


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