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Demystifying DEI in the Gaming Industry

Learning & Development

Futureplay is a Helsinki-based mobile gaming studio known for their hit games like Merge Gardens and Battlelands Royal.  Futureplay contacted deidei to kick-start their DEI development through a DEI session. The goal was to discuss DEI and what it means in the Futureplay context and culture. 


DEI collaboration kick-off with Futureplay

That is why we designed and tailored a 'Demystifying DEI in the Gaming Industry' session. It aimed to help everyone at Futureplay better understand why DEI development is important to the gaming industry and for Futureplay as a company, coupled with concrete benchmarks and practical tools and tips to apply in day-to-day work.

Here are some results from our session:

📈 70 NPS score

📈 90% of all learning objectives achieved

📈 90 % said the session met or exceeded their expectations

📈 90% feel motivated to apply what they learned

📈 80% said that participating in this session increased their engagement towards Futureplay

Excited to see how Futureplay’s DEI journey continues!

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