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DEI Playbook
From Intention to Action

Sep 21st 2023

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Welcome to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Playbook! We’re happy that you’ve found your way here. This Playbook is your go-to resource and compass on your company's transformative DEI journey.

The DEI Playbook is a curated collection of DEI best practices drawn from Finnish DEI experts and businesses, including 20+ case examples from Reaktor, Wärtsilä, Futurice, Brella, Gapps and deidei. The best practices have now been gathered and consolidated into a single resource, with the aim of helping individuals and organizations forward on their journey towards a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable working life.

This collection of DEI best practices was put together by the members of the DEI Mastermind group who joined forces to support each other, and transform their collective experience and expertise into a Playbook.

Why the DEI Playbook, tailored to Finland?


Currently, the existing knowledge around DEI often comes from abroad. Insights from countries like the United States or the United Kingdom, while valuable, frequently overlook the intricacies of Finnish working life and society, making their implementation challenging due to contextual disparities. 


Meanwhile, there is a wealth of valuable best practices and insights related to DEI within Finnish companies, but those are often scattered or not available to the public. This DEI Playbook is an effort to bridge this gap by bringing together and sharing the common challenges, solutions, and best practices in DEI for Finnish organizations.

Who is this Playbook for?


If you are eager to translate your intentions into concrete DEI actions, then this playbook is your compass for making significant strides. The DEI Playbook serves as your ultimate resource if you hold the power to influence change within your organization – whether you are a CEO, HR manager, team leader, or a passionate employee. For companies, whether you are just embarking on your DEI journey or are at an intermediate stage, this Playbook offers practical, actionable insights without overwhelming you with complex strategies.


"This Playbook is just the beginning. It's not a complete list of best practices. My hope is that we can keep adding more inspiring stories and ideas in the future – with your help. Together, we can make a big impact on diversity, equity, and inclusion.


I would like to express my gratitude to all those who contributed to this Playbook and to you, the reader, for taking the initiative to explore its contents." 

Priyanka Banerjee
Partner & DEI Consultant, deidei

Partners who made this Playbook possible

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Download the DEI Playbook in English – Finnish below! explore topics such as starting your DEI journey, assessing your company's current state of DEI, crafting a robust DEI strategy, or enhancing your people operations practices and strategies – just to name a few!

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