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Scaling Global DEI Work at Reaktor

Global DEI Development | Global DEI Strategy 

Reaktor is a global technology consultancy that builds category-defining digital products. Reaktor’s clients include industry leaders such as adidas, HBO, Supercell, Cathay Pacific, and KONE. Today, they are a team of 700 designers, developers and strategists with offices in six countries around Europe, North America and Asia.


"In 2022 deidei became our global DEI partner. Together, we have co-led a global DEI current state analysis, created a global DEI strategy, and kickstarted the execution of that strategy. deidei has been instrumental in understanding our needs and helping us scale DEI from local initiatives to a unified global strategy. I'm so proud of the work we've done together and can't recommend the deidei team enough."

Cassandra Shapiro

Global Head of DEI at Reaktor

The journey from local collaboration to a global-scale partnership

Reaktor and deidei first started collaborating in August 2021, when Reaktor’s marketing and communications team wanted to organize a DEI training series that would match their needs both as marketing and communications professionals and as a global tech company. Following a customized training series, deidei continued collaborating with Reaktor in Finland.


In the spring of 2022, Reaktor made a strategic choice to develop and scale DEI on a global level. After global tendering, deidei was brought on to be the external partner for Reaktor’s global DEI efforts and deidei’s leading DEI consultant and CEO Jasmin Assulin was chosen to co-lead Reaktor’s global DEI work.

“We chose deidei to be our partner for global DEI work because of their openness to tailor their approach to our unique organizational needs. They took the time to really try to understand where we're at with DEI at Reaktor, and they worked tirelessly with us to craft an approach that would deliver maximum impact. There aren't many consultancies who take such a tailored approach, but it's sorely needed when it comes to concepting and implementing impactful and strategic DEI work that cuts across all parts of the organization.” says Reaktor’s Global Head of DEI Cassandra Shapiro, who is based in Reaktor’s Amsterdam talent community. 

Sampo Pasanen

Ex-CEO at Reaktor 

“We want to do our part in paving the way for more inclusive tech — both from a people and a product perspective. World-changing products and services can only be built by high-performing teams that serve the needs of a diverse set of users. Having an inclusive environment where diversity is embraced is a major enabler for fostering these exceptional teams that are building the future services for all of us.” 

Co-lead model combines the best of domain expertise and Reaktor know-how

Together, the internal Global Head of DEI Shapiro and the external Global Head of DEI Assulin form a DEI Duo that co-leads DEI development at Reaktor globally. This includes all talent communities in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Amsterdam, Lisbon, New York and Tokyo. 

“The first step on our table was a global DEI survey, which provided Reaktor with concrete data about the current state of diversity, equity, and inclusion in all of the talent communities globally. After understanding the current state globally, we built Reaktor’s global DEI strategy and OKRs (objectives and key results) together with internal stakeholders, which we are currently implementing. We are eager to see the first results of our work”, says deidei’s CEO Jasmin Assulin.

“The benefit and value of co-leading global DEI work together with deidei is that we have combined the best of domain expertise and Reaktor know-how. Working with an extended DEI consultant has helped me learn more about the intricate concepts of DEI and how those can be concretely interwoven into an organization's strategy and operations, and scaled from local one-off initiatives to a unified global strategy. I'm constantly learning from them and I feel supported, which is such a great experience”, adds Shapiro. 


Ultimate goal is to integrate DEI into the DNA of Reaktor


In addition to building a foundation for DEI development on a global level, the DUO has continuously supported different stakeholders at Reaktor to both level up inclusion competencies and integrate DEI better into their core work. As a part of developing inclusion competencies within Reaktor, Shapiro, Assulin and Tamara Glasbergen, Senior Software Consultant and Reaktor Amsterdam Leadership Team member co-designed and created Reaktor’s internal Fundamentals of DEI training, which is organized on a regular basis.

“We're already seeing the benefits of our collaboration with deidei in the fact that DEI as a framework and as a practice is now much more normalized at Reaktor. And we've also received great feedback from the DEI training that we developed together. Reaktor employees really trust deidei for their DEI expertise, strategic DEI change management skills and their empathetic approach”, Shapiro adds.

A journey of collaboration and growth

Together, the internal Global Head of DEI Shapiro and the external Global Head of DEI Assulin form a DEI Duo that co-leads DEI development at Reaktor globally. This includes all talent communities in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Amsterdam, Lisbon, New York and Tokyo. 

“deidei isn't afraid to roll up their sleeves and get into the depths of the work with you. It's a really wonderful approach because it means that we've never felt like we've been left alone during this process. It's a really safe, supportive and productive experience, and they're generous with their expertise and with getting things done. As a client I've been constantly learning along the way and truly grown as a Global Head of DEI. I couldn’t be happier about this collaboration model”, Shapiro concludes.

Stay tuned for learnings about how we achieved our 2023-2024 objectives and key results!


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