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Partnering up with Reaktor to accelerate their DEI change

DEI Training Series | Consulting | DEI Partnership

Reaktor is a leading strategy, design and technology partner for forward-thinking companies and societies. Reaktor makes future products and services that help their clients adapt and remain ahead in an increasingly complex world.

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Reaktor’s marketing and communications team approached deidei because they wanted to organize a DEI training series that would match their needs both as marketing & communications professionals and as a global IT consultancy.

So, we rolled up our sleeves and put together a tailored training series:  

🔹   2-phased DEI onboarding 

🔹   Inclusive Marketing & Communications training 

🔹   Allyship training for marketers and communicators

After the training series our cooperation has continued with e.g. consulting and other low-threshold help. It also resulted in an organization-wide DEI partnership between Reaktor and deidei

“Cooperation with deidei has really pushed our team forward on our DEI journey. Thanks to them, our team's knowledge and skills have developed but most importantly, we have been able to create a more shared understanding about DEI within the team. The collaboration has been an important step in taking DEI into account in our daily work. We felt our needs were understood and fulfilled.

“Working with deidei has been very smooth and natural. They constantly created a safe learning environment for us which enabled learning through open discussions. They truly walk the talk when it comes to DEI. We really felt that way throughout our cooperation – working with them was liberating and empowering.”

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Our cooperation has grown into an organization-wide partnership.


Things are cooking up, so stay tuned!

Satu Anttila

Head of Global Marketing at Reaktor

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Need help with kicking off or accelerating the DEI transformation journey of your organization?

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