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Helping Papukaya to present itself to the world & build a team

Purpose work  |  Communications Strategy  |  Website |  Social Media Launch

Papukaya is a mobile games studio aspiring to make long-lasting and meaningful game experiences for diverse audiences. Their vision is see a world where the definition of games has expanded, they serve everyone and they are consumed by everyone – just like social media, books, or movies. With Supercell's backing, Papukaya has a long runway that enables them to think long-term, take bigger risks and make sure millions of people will see their games.

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Papukaya had challenges in recruiting talent and communicating their identity and approach to games successfully, and reached out to deidei. deidei helped Papukaya to shape and crystallize their communications by co-creating a new purpose, mission & vision, communications strategy, website content 2.0 as well as a plan for Papukaya’s social media launch. The goal of our work was to help Papukaya to build a top talent team that shares their vision and ambition.

Results from the launch:

🔸   56k social Media reach

🔸   2.6k visits on the website after the launch

🔸   excessive increase in job applications

🔸   improved engagement from current talent in the recruiting pipeline

🔸   one new team member recruited

“Deidei is a very sharp, professional, creative and lively team! They really listened to us and were quick to understand what we are about and our unique set of challenges.

It really felt like they were our extended team, going above and beyond to make sure we are presenting ourselves correctly to the world. We felt we were in good hands throughout this project and couldn’t be happier about our collaboration!”

Drussila Hollanda

CEO & Co-founder


Drussila Hollanda picture

Collaboration is on-going and started in February 2021.

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