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Defining Metacore’s
DEI Approach

Strategic DEI  |  DEI Consulting  |  Extended DEI Team

Metacore is a Helsinki-based game company where players are the closest thing to a boss. Metacore's mission is to entertain hundreds of millions of people for decades – through their games, but also through their ads, events, and online communities. The company’s hit game, Merge Mansion, has over 40 million fans across the globe.

In 2022, Metacore decided to take a more proactive approach in advancing DEI to ensure everyone stays aware about the role of DEI at Metacore as the company keeps growing.

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“We have been growing tremendously during the past year, and felt like it’s the right time to kick-off a more strategic DEI journey. Our goal is to create games for large, diverse audiences and to be able to do that, we need diverse teams and to ensure a safe and inclusive working environment for everyone.”

Mika Tammenkoski

CEO & Co-founder at Metacore

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Anna Kaskeala-Moore
COO at Metacore

“We wanted to utilize external expertise to kick off our DEI journey, and from the get-go, deidei felt like the ideal partner for us. deidei’s knowledge and experience in the tech and games industry, as well as their practical approach in anchoring the DEI work directly to our business and ways of working, impressed us.”

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Partnering up with deidei to define Metacore’s DEI Approach

Our first joint DEI project kicked off in October 2022. We started our collaboration by building a tailored approach and clarity on why advancing DEI is important for Metacore in the first place and how it is connected to their People and Business fundamentals.


So, what have we done so far?

🔹   DEI Maturity Survey to key stakeholders at Metacore to get basic data on where they stand with DEI
🔹   DEI Approach workshop
🔹   Built the tailored DEI Approach

🔹   Trained all Metacoreans about DEI Fundamentals and Metacore's approach to DEI
🔹   Supported Metacore’s people team with e.g. pulse surveys and ERG building

What does a DEI Approach define?

A DEI Approach is foundational DEI work that connects and aligns DEI with the company’s mission and what they do. The DEI Approach is the prerequisite and enabler of a company's business strategy. The DEI Approach clarifies why DEI is essential for Metacore’s people operations, culture and business, and what does that concretely mean in their work. 

DEI collaboration continues

Metacore will continue their DEI journey this year by regularly monitoring inclusion experiences through pulse surveys, tracking progress and taking action when needed, as well as providing training on spefif DEI topics. deidei continues to work as Metacore’s extended DEI team and trusted partner. Stay tuned! 

“Over the past six months, our collaboration with deidei has been remarkably seamless. Together, we have established a strong foundation for our future DEI efforts, complete with actionable next steps.

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We’re happy to present the outcomes of our joint work to the entire Metacore team via a series of DEI trainings as the next step.

deidei’s ways of working and communicating are highly appreciated. At Metacore, we talk a lot about the importance of creating safe spaces, and that is exactly how deidei has made our collaboration feel like, too.”

Maria Törnroos

Wellbeing & Performance Lead at Metacore

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