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Four Reasons
Normalizing Diversity in the Beauty Industry with Strategic D&I

Strategic D&I Work | Executive Team's DEI sessions | Inclusive Communications & Marketing Strategy 

Four Reasons is a Finnish haircare brand and beauty industry rebel that stands up for diversity. Their goal is to help everyone feel great as their true selves by breaking the narrow mold of beauty.

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Four Reasons have chosen three Sustainable Development Goals to guide their business operations: Climate Action, Responsible Consumption and Production as well as Good Health and Well-being. Diversity and Inclusion have a major role to play in Good Health and Well-being where Four Reasons have set themselves goals of ‘breaking the mold of beauty’, ‘being the most inspiring workplace in the Finnish beauty industry’ and ‘having the healthiest customers in the hair salon sector’ with a focus on financial, physical and mental well-being and health of the hair stylists. 

Four Reasons contacted deidei to ensure they had the needed knowledge and tools to advance their organizational Diversity & Inclusion goals, and to make sure they don’t remain as mere buzzwords but are transformed into action. Our collaboration began with organization-wide and team-level trainings as well as strategic DEI work with the Four Reasons' executive team.


What have we done so far?


🔹   Strategic D&I Frameworks for Four Reason’s most strategically important business areas: Product and Service Development, Brand, and Four Reasons as a workplace – co-created together with Four Reasons’ executive team


🔹   Executive Team's D&I sessions 


🔹   DEI Kick-off Training for the entire staff 


🔹   Inclusive Communications & Marketing Strategy for 2022


🔹   Two Inclusive Communications & Marketing workshops

Cooperation with deidei has been eye-opening for our whole organization. It has made us realize how much work and courage it requires to stay true to our values and goals: to stand up for diversity and break the narrow mold of beauty.

With the help of deidei we’ve clarified what diversity and inclusion really mean to us as an organization and what kind of actions are needed to normalize diversity in the beauty industry. Knowing more, we are now even more dedicated to our mission.”

Johanna Strömsholm

Head of Marketing & Communications at Four Reasons

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