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Building Inclusion from Start to Finish – Inclusive Planning, Casting and Delivery for We Foundation’s New Brand Visuals & Website

Inclusive Project Planning | Inclusive Casting | Inclusive Delivery

We Foundation is a Finnish foundation working with non-profit organizations to advance the social equity of children, youth and families through technology. They work towards making social impact measurement visible, measurable and comparable.

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We Foundation was renewing their website, and as a part of the work they needed to update their brand photos. The goal of the website renewal and new brand photos was to stay true to the purpose of the foundation, building a more inclusive & equitable society, as well as increase representation in a way that would reflect the diverse backgrounds of kids in Helsinki.

To make sure that inclusion was at the core of the entire project from start to finish, We Foundation teamed up with deidei to:  

🔹  Ensure that inclusivity is taken into account right from the planning phase to the final applications on the website


🔹  Ensure an inclusive casting process & photoshoot experience: to ensure diverse representation that reflects the diversity of kids in Helsinki – and an inclusive photoshoot experience for the kids  


🔹  Ensure an inclusive delivery & outcome: representing the kids as active actors rather than passive objects

“We worked with deidei to refresh our brand visuals to better communicate what We Foundation is today and what we do. The deidei team helped us in building inclusion in our communications and to better represent the diversity of the communities and people we work with. In addition, our brand and website update also helps us take a few steps towards a more international identity and build our brand outside Finland.


We are very happy with the result since it represents We Foundation as we want to be: future-oriented, feet on the ground and positive.


As always, it was a pleasure working with the deidei team that puts their hearts into the projects but does it in a systematic and super professional way. Always happy to learn from them!”

Tiina-Maija Toivola picture

Tiina-Maija Toivola

CEO of We Foundation

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