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Igniting Sitowise’s DEI journey with the help of data

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Sitowise is a Nordic expert in the built environment with a strong focus on digitality. Their goal is to create smart cities and vibrant and sustainable societies where people and the environment can flourish. Sitowise offers its clients the full range of design and consultancy services related to the built environment.

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Data-based approach to DEI for more informed decision-making


The connection between Sitowise’s core business and DEI is both natural and strong. Increasing DEI competencies within Sitowise helps them design cities and other built environments that truly serve the needs of all their residents. Sitowise wanted to kick-off their DEI journey with a data-based approach to be able to make more informed decisions about the future direction and to define the next steps on their DEI journey.

“Advancing diversity, equity and inclusion at Sitowise is a joint cause for our  management team. This work supports Sitowise's success story and provides us opportunities to develop into an increasingly competitive company." 

Heikki Haasmaa
Sitowise CEO

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“It's difficult to plan further measures, set direction and goals without understanding our current state and what our people would like us to develop. The understanding added by the DEI Survey gave us better tools for setting short and long-term goals as well as creating metrics to track our progress in the goals. That's why the survey was an important first step.”

Sonja Gustafsson
Sustainability Specialist at Sitowise

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Partnering up with deidei for a DEI Survey Project 

“When starting our work, we asked around for recommendations, and deidei was one of the first names that came up. In the end, we chose deidei because we felt that we were in safe hands. We also loved the dynamic that we had with the deidei team, the passion that they had for helping us succeed”, says Gustafsson.

Our collaboration started with a DEI survey for the corporation’s 2000+ employees. The survey aimed to increase understanding of the organization's current situation, strengths and development points, and thus bring data to support decision-making. The project was three-fold: building the foundation, assessing the current situation and lastly rolling out the survey report for key stakeholders and the entire organization.

🔹   DEI Onboarding & Survey for Business Group Management
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nternal DEI communications
🔹   DEI Introduction to 250+ Team Leads

🔹   DEI survey for 2000+ employees in English, Finnish and Swedish
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ings report and analysis with suggestions for the future


🔹   Helping management understand and communicate the findings

🔹   Internal and external DEI communications

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“The aim of the project was to start DEI work at Sitowise. We wanted to get a better understanding on what is our starting point, and what we should do next. DEI survey done to the whole personnel provided valuable information for our strategy work and helped us to prioritize next steps. Doing the survey also helped us to start the internal dialogue on DEI matters. Deidei team supported us through the whole project, and we could rely on their expertise and help when needed.”

Taija Lehtola
HR Director at Sitowise

Sitowise continues their DEI journey for example by providing DEI training for their entire organization.

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