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Sekasin Gaming
Making the platform more inclusive for its diverse users

DEI Audit  |  DEI Strategy  |  Anti-racism Handbook  |  DEI & Anti-racism Training

Sekasin Gaming is a platform and a community for youth in Discord, where people are able to get anonymous peer support, support from social work professionals as well as get friends and gaming company from a safe and moderated platform. Their mission is that every youngster has a chance for a community to belong to where you will be seen, heard, appreciated, and valued.

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deidei audited Sekasin Gaming's Discord platform in order to get an in-depth understanding of the challenges from a DEI & anti-racism perspective, hosted a DEI & anti-racism training for the team and built a customized DEI strategy to determine their DEI framework, focus, action points and OKR's for 2021. In addition, we wrote a customized anti-racism handbook for the platform and the team.

"Cooperation with deidei raised thoughts regarding DEI that we wouldn't have gotten otherwise."


Joosua Valkeakunnas

Sekasin Gaming Team Lead

Mieli ry

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