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Extended DEI Team for a game industry trailblazer

Extended DEI Team  |  DEI Onboarding  |  DEI Coaching  |  DEI Consulting

Rovio is a mobile-first gaming company that is best known for the global Angry Birds brand, which started as a popular mobile game in 2009 and has since evolved from games to various entertainment, animations and consumer products in brand licensing. Rovio’s mission is to craft joy with player-focused gaming experiences that last for decades.

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DEI at the core of Rovio’s sustainability strategy

Rovio’s sustainability strategy is based on three focus areas: people & society, safe & responsible gaming and climate & environment. Rovio sets annual goals for each focus area and transparently reports about their progress. As games are made from people to people, DEI is at the core of the people & society focus area.

Partnering up with deidei to combine external and internal expertise

”In the spring of 2022, we contacted deidei as there was a strong appetite from our employees to host DEI trainings at all levels of the organization. deidei stood out not only because of their knowledge of the games and tech industry, but also how they made a clear effort to tailor their messaging throughout the selection process”, says Rovio’s Head of DEI, Yumi Oishi.


Our collaboration began in June 2022 with a DEI Onboarding for Rovio’s Executive Board and Board of Directors and grew into an ongoing cooperation.

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What have we done so far?

🔹   DEI Onboarding for Rovio’s Leadership Team and Board of Directors

🔹   DEI Consulting for Rovio’s ongoing DEI work 

🔹   DEI Coaching for executive leaders

🔹   Inclusive Leadership trainings for team leads and supervisors across Rovio

🔹   DEI Keynote for all Rovians

“The deidei team has impacted all levels of our organization from the Board & Leadership Team all the way to the individual contributors. They’ve helped us kickstart our DEI journey so we’re on the right track by upskilling us on the fundamentals of DEI (e.g. presenting the business case the Board), embedding DEI to our day-to-day work (e.g. spotting biases when we make our games more inclusive ) and more”, Oishi adds.

DEI collaboration continues in 2023

Rovio will continue to further the DEI work that they started with a focus on ensuring that data is tracked and targets are measurable to hold themselves accountable. This means that they will continue their strong collaboration with deidei as experts in the field. 

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“Working with deidei has been an absolute pleasure. I appreciate how content is suited to fit our needs and context to make it more relevant and impactful. I feel most often the hardest part of DEI work is to coach without scaring people away. The way deidei was able to create a space that was at the same time safe to voice thoughts and questions, but didn’t shy away from handling misconceptions was exceptional. Truly practicing what you preach.”

Heini Kaihu
Chief Sustainability Officer at Rovio

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“It’s an absolute joy working with the deidei team. They of course have the subject matter expertise about DEI in the Finnish games and tech scene as well as how to roll out DEI in organizations that are just getting started. More importantly, “how” they work really sets them apart! For example, they listen and make sure our employees feel heard, they focus on understanding what we’re trying to achieve to tailor their deliverables (vs. having a cookie cutter approach) and they are continuously striving to be better. As one of our employees put it, “There is something magical working with deidei.”

Yumi Oishi

Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Rovio

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