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Puistokatu 4
Defining the Role of DEI in Addressing the Ecological Crisis

DEI Approach | DEI Learning & Development | Safer Space Guidelines

Puistokatu 4 is a unique space for science and hope – a platform for research, community and events. Puistokatu 4 is dedicated to champion rapid cultural change needed in our ongoing ecological crisis.  

Combining sustainability of the environment and sustainability of people 

Puistokatu 4’s ambitious mission needed an ambitious approach to DEI. Together we took essential steps to ensure that environmental and social sustainability efforts are pursued in a way which recognizes that progress in one area should not come at the expense of the other.

“Our promise to build an inclusive platform for an ecologically sustainable future requires deeper thinking of how we define inclusivity, diversity and equality. One of our house rules is: ‘Share a different reality’ which reminds us about the need to understand and respect human diversity in all its aspects.”

Minttu Jaakkola

Executive Director


DEI approach is a change management tool that helps drive DEI efforts by setting ambitions, clarifying the value and role of DEI in organization’s strategy, mission, and culture and aligning all stakeholders. Defining Puistokatu 4’s DEI approach started with a simple, yet powerful thought: All people are needed to combat the ecological crisis.


As a result, we built an Approach that positions Puistokatu as a platform and space that welcomes people and communities with different perspectives working to address the ecological crisis together. Additionally, we determined together the focus points where DEI would need to have the most impact for Puistokatu 4 to live true their positioning: an accessible space, inclusive program, equitable chances of participation and representation in combating the climate crisis.

“deidei helped our core team to build a common understanding of diversity and identify what are the knowledge gaps we still hold and how to proceed in implementing the approach to our strategy and daily life.” 

Minttu Jaakkola

Implementing the DEI Approach must involve everyone 

To transform DEI from a passion project of a smaller group towards a larger impact, the next step was to present the DEI Approach to the larger Puistokatu 4 community in a DEI Fundamentals training. Following the direction defined in the DEI Approach, we also utilized the training to gather insight for building customized safer space guidelines to Puistokatu 4.


Gathering insights from a larger group of community members, we ensured that the safer space guidelines would embody the context of Puistokatu 4. The guidelines were specifically designed to function within the unique physical space of the house and the broader community dedicated to combating the climate crisis – comprising researchers, supporters, and the public.

Building customized safer space guidelines helps Puistokatu 4 live up to their mission by cultivating safer and forward-looking friction between diverse groups of people to foster rapid, sustainable cultural change needed in our ongoing ecological crisis.

“Workshop for our community further deepened our understanding of the specific features that have to be taken into account when we implement DEI guidelines into our community and work in general. As we are in the beginning of Puistokatu 4 journey, it is wonderful that now we have better tools to proceed in our work.” 

Minttu Jaakkola

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