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Plan International Finland
Equity & Anti-Racism Assessment for
Plan International Finland

Equity & Anti-racism Assessment | Equity & Anti-racism Roadmap

Plan International is an independent development and humanitarian organization that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. This spring Plan International Finland wanted to take active action to advance one of their strategic focus areas, equity and anti-racism, and to start integrating those themes into their day-to-day operations.

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To match their needs, we moved forward with an Equity & Anti-racism Assessment project, which aimed to provide Plan International Finland a better understanding of their organization’s current state of equity and anti-racism as well as provide concrete recommendations and suggestions for next steps. deidei teamed up with anti-racism researcher and co-founder of Arma Alliance Monica Gathuo for the project. 

Together we rolled up our sleeves and:





Assessed the internal state of equity & anti-racism at Plan International Finland through a survey, interviews and by assessing their existing materials 

Analysed the data and materials and identified strengths and challenges in Plan International Finland's equity & anti-racism efforts

Put together a comprehensive report about the findings with concrete suggestions and action point recommendations to develop their equity & anti-racism work forward

Trained Plan International Finland's employees about the relationship between their work, industry and anti-racism

Ossi Heinänen picture

Ossi Heinänen

CEO of Plan International Finland

“deidei’s constructive, solution-oriented, forward-thinking, and encouraging approach has received a lot of great feedback internally. deidei knows how to create a safe space where it is easy to discuss even sensitive topics like racism. deidei is able to approach difficult topics with courage, but also with the right amount of kindness.

The collaboration with deidei has been smooth. deidei has understood and taken our context and needs very well into account.”

What impact did the project have on Plan and its operations?

Motivated by the project results, Plan International Finland decided to level up their equity and anti-racism work with a more strategic approach. As a first step, deidei is supporting them in creating an Equity & Anti-racism Roadmap that will guide their work for the next three years. The roadmap defines their core focus areas, goals and metrics but also the roles and responsibilities for bringing about change.

Read more about the impact of our collaboration below from Leena Honkasalo, Global Citizenship Education Specialist.

“In fall 2021 we were looking for an external consultant to support Plan International Finland’s equity and anti-racism work. We got proposals from numerous consultants, but deidei’s proposal stood out clearly. It was carefully tailored for us, and it showed a strong understanding of both our work and our industry. A high-quality knowledge and experience about DEI and anti-racism work was visible in the proposal content. 

Thanks to the equity & anti-racism assessment, its findings and the organization-wide training, these topics have started to play an active part in our organization’s conversations. The excitement and the will to learn more about the theme is more tangible than ever.

Leena Honkasalopitu picture

The assessment gave us great practical recommendations and suggestions which have helped us to ensure that our shared motivation leads to new, concrete steps towards a more anti-racist, inclusive and equitable organization. It has been a privilege to work and collaborate with deidei’s experts and to learn from them!”

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