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Hive Helsinki
Reaching more diverse applicants
with Inclusive Communications

Inclusive Comms | Content Strategy | External & Internal Communications | Visual Communications

Hive Helsinki is a new kind of coding school. Their goal is to deliver a scalable and efficient form of education, which enables people from all walks of life to learn future-proof skills and work together to build the products and services required by our rapidly changing world. Hive Helsinki believes education should be inclusive and accessible, and it should evolve to offer our youth new learning alternatives and paths to solve the problems of tomorrow.

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Hive doesn’t have a designated comms professional in their team, but they wished to kick-off their active communications again with a focus on inclusive communications and reaching a diverse set of potential applicants. Collaboration kicked off with a Content Strategy, and now deidei supports Hive Helsinki to reach their organizational goals as an extended team. deidei helps Hive in all their external & internal communications – through a DEI lense.


🔸   Steady increase in the share of active female applicants, which is Hive's primary target group in admissions marketing

🔸   Hive Helsinki reached its highest female participation rate in the Spring 2021 info sessions.
🔸   New content executions have received positive feedback from stakeholders, including partner companies.

“We needed to find a nimble partner to support us in various marcomms related tasks. It was imperative we find someone that doesn't see DEI as a mere marketing exercise, but a commitment at a strategic level and as values that we live by in our daily work.

Since starting the collaboration with deidei, our communications channels have reactivated with inventive and fresh content. The collaboration has freed up the team's time and helped polish our communications at every level of our organization.

The collaboration has received nothing but praise from the entire team. deidei quickly picked up on what was most important to us, how DEI manifests itself in Hive and built the support around our team's needs. I can warmly recommend deidei for similar work for any organization!”

Oona Ylänkö

Hive Helsinki CEO

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