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Getting the Management Onboard & Kicking Off Strategic DEI Work

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Gapps creates more flexible, accessible and enjoyable work experience for their customers through various cloud services, tools and processes. 

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Last year, an idea about diving deeper into DEI with help from an external DEI specialist rose among the Gapps employees. Gapps wants to be an organization where everyone can truly voice their opinion and communicate their needs, and that the will benefit both their business and company culture. Gapps executive team embraced the idea, and approached deidei.

Gapps sees their employees as their biggest strength, and they want to make sure they’ve done everything for their team members to enjoy working at Gapps. However, prior to the collaboration with deidei, Gapps didn’t have a plan on how they could advance DEI systematically.

Towards strategic DEI:


Our collaboration kicked off the more systemic DEI journey at Gapps – both among the executive team and the whole Gapps personnel. Together we have taken the first steps towards a long-term and more strategic DEI work that will benefit both the Gapps employees and their business.

So, what have we done so far?

🔹   DEI Onboarding for the management

🔹   Internal DEI Communications

🔹   Organization-wide Fundamentals of DEI training 

🔹   DEI Roadmap for 2022-2023

“Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are much needed building blocks in building a safe working environment for all Gappsians. deidei helped us truly understand the concept and role of equity in DEI work: without active work on equity, there cannot be true inclusion.


Juha Hannulabacka picture

Juha Hannulabacka

CFO, Gapps

Thanks to deidei’s excellent delivery and facilitation throughout the collaboration, we now know better how to build an inclusive community for all Gappsians and are better able to identify the areas of development in our company.


Collaboration with deidei has helped us set our ambition and to determine our path forward from here. We couldn’t have done it ourselves.”

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