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Fusion Ecosystem
Customized DEI Handbook for an Ecosystem of Digital Future-Building Companies

Customized DEI Handbook | DEI Insights

Fusion Ecosystem is an ecosystem of 30+ digital future-building companies accelerated by Reaktor. Ecosystem companies include e.g. Wunderdog, Polar Squad, Witted, MinnaLearn, Nieve, Goodin, Codemate and many more. 

To support the ecosystem companies on their DEI journeys, Fusion Ecosystem asked deidei to build an action-oriented DEI Handbook that provides the companies with the latest insights and concrete key actions for different stages of DEI maturity and development. 


“deidei was selected for their expertise in DEI matters, a domain where they have an established reputation. Their prior engagement and long-term collaboration with Reaktor added credibility and encouraged our decision. In addition, we had heard positive feedback regarding deidei's competencies and flexibility.”


Riikka Uimonen

Investment Director & Co-founder at Fusion Ecosystem

A Handbook Designed to Combine Insight with Key Actions

The handbook includes key DEI concepts, data to support the case for advancing DEI, know-how about common pitfalls in DEI work, quick wins, and detailed insight into DEI data. In addition, the handbook guides the companies through key actions through different organizational DEI maturity levels, starting from compliance and continuing to make DEI a competitive advantage. 

“This handbook serves as a vital resource in expanding understanding and practical application of DEI principles. The DEI Handbook is designed not only for internal use but also as a tool for companies within the Fusion Ecosystem. It aids these companies in rationalizing DEI and implementing DEI strategies relevant to their level to foster sustainable business growth and create added business value”, Uimonen continues. 


So, what kind of an impact has the collaboration, and DEI handbook as its concrete deliverable, created?

“The collaboration has enhanced the team's understanding and awareness of DEI issues, incorporating the latest knowledge in the field. Collaboration has expanded our existing perspectives, thereby helping us to identify better DEI goals. deidei’s input has been both theoretical and practical, offering tangible ideas and resources that extend support beyond the immediate team to the broader ecosystem”, Uimonen concludes.

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