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Building Team-Level Inclusion

DEI Learning & Development | Inclusion Guidelines

Framery is the world's leading manufacturer of soundproof private spaces, pods and phone booths.

Growing rapidly with people over 15 different countries, Framery reached out to deidei to help its growing and diverse team building its own inclusion principles.


Together we identified 3 main challenges and 3 main objectives for our collaboration. The objectives were to increase understanding of diversity within the team, put insight into practice and enable participants to apply more inclusive behaviour to their day-to-day interactions and communications and as a concrete outcome, create team-level principles for inclusion.

Here are the results of our first collaboration:

  • 100% of the team increased their understanding of DEI and are motivated to apply their learnings

  • 93% of the team are motivated to learn more and expand their DEI knowledge

  • 63% of the team assessed that participating in this workshop increased their engagement towards Framery

“We had an inspirational workshop collaboration with deidei. People at deidei were highly professional, motivated and with a good get it done attitude.


Their willingness to help, sincerity and warmth were really shown in interaction with them throughout the project. All this coupled up with a good sense of humor and positiveness was a great match for us.”


Milla Hokkila

Culture & Wellbeing Lead

Photo by: Eino Ansio

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