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Our services 

Maybe you know exactly what DEI services you need. Or maybe you don’t quite know where to start. Whichever the case, we build your DEI journey together with you, every step of the way.

We use a toolbox of tested and validated formulas, but our secret sauce is knowing exactly how to apply them to each individual client’s needs.


Build company-wide fundamental level DEI competencies and shared understanding in a scalable way 

Get high-quality and engaging learning solutions tailored for the Finnish and Nordic context crafted together by DEI and pedagogy experts

Maximize the learning through a customized course to your needs: in addition to the Standard course, our eLearning course content can be customized for your organization


Demographic, experiential and cognitive differences in people and between people. Can be invisible or visible.


A process of enabling fair outcomes in a workplace by recognizing and closing inequity gaps.


Active practice that builds psychological safety in work communities, and a sense of belonging for individuals.

Need help with kicking off or accelerating the DEI transformation of your organization?

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