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Columbia Road
Tailored eLearning solution for the Nordic Digital Sales Consultancy

eLearning  |  Facilitated DEI Discussions

Columbia Road is a digital sales consultancy that helps companies sell better. Their mission is to turn complex problems into seamless commercial solutions, and to provide the best possible opportunities for professional growth and learning within a caring community. 


In 2022, our collaboration began when deidei facilitated a DEI workshop for Columbia Road's DEI Taskforce. As a key deliverable, we co-created an actionable roadmap and established measurable goals for their DEI initiatives in 2023. One of the goals was to support all Roadies in developing their DEI competencies.

A scalable way to build DEI competencies – for current and future Roadies


Columbia Road is a low-hierarchy organization with the desire to build an international and diverse community with a sense of belonging, safety, and trust that enables all Roadies to thrive. The significance of inclusion becomes even more important in their community-led organization, where collaboration and community take center stage.


Recognizing the importance of DEI in their context, Columbia Road aims to support both current and future Roadies in building their DEI competencies. In pursuit of a solution that is both scalable and impactful, we crafted a tailored approach that combines a DEI Fundamentals eLearning course and regular small-group DEI discussions held by the company’s DEI Taskforce members. This combination allows all employees to learn flexibly at their own pace while still fostering shared understanding and deepening the learning through practical, facilitated DEI discussions.

“Our decision to implement an eLearning course for Roadies was centered on the synergy of e-learning and facilitated discussions. Given our multiple offices, we aimed for a solution that both provided scalability and ensured high-quality learning experiences.

We also placed a special emphasis on fostering engagement in the learning process, and deidei’s e-learning solution effectively catered to this, adapting to individual learning styles. The eLearning course offers a valuable benefit by allowing everyone the flexibility to navigate sensitive topics at their own pace, allowing deeper personal reflection, and deepening the overall learning experience.


As an employer, we anticipate an increased need to share metrics on DEI topics, driven by ESG reporting requirements. Interestingly, eLearning naturally facilitates the generation of these metrics as a byproduct of completing the course. While this feature didn't dictate our initial decision, it certainly creates additional value for us now.”

Sally Pett

HR Lead


Beyond having every Roadie undergo the course post-launch, DEI Fundamentals will be integrated into the onboarding process for every new hire, highlighting the essential role of DEI competencies within Columbia Road's community and business.

Maximizing the learning through a customized course

As an ambitious community-led organization, Columbia Road recognized the need for the course content to mirror its organizational structure and aspirations. To achieve this, Columbia Road partnered with deidei to create a course that matches their mindset on approaching their teams, culture, and projects. 

“We selected deidei based on their commitment to understanding our context and operational style, coupled with their expertise in DEI within the Nordic context.


Additionally, the option of getting a customized eLearning solution tailored to our specific needs was a crucial factor in our decision-making process.”

Suvi Uotila

Marketing Lead


Course customization ensures that DEI content aligns with the unique context, culture, and values of the organization, fostering relatability and engagement for Roadies. This tailored approach also enables the incorporation of industry-specific examples and scenarios, making the training more applicable to Columbia Road’s specific context and work environment.

“The DEI Fundamentals e-learning course was impactful, sparking personal reflections among our steering group and providing practical ideas on how we can integrate DEI more seamlessly into our daily work.


The content was an eye-opener, with several members expressing, ‘Finally, I truly understand what Equity means.’”

Sirkka-Liisa Rotinen

Managing Partner


Learning solutions tailored by DEI and pedagogy experts

Our eLearning courses are tailored for the Finnish and Nordic context and include the latest insight and research-backed learning strategies. They are designed to enable the learners to not only learn DEI concepts but also implement them into their everyday working lives.

Our eLearning solution provides a scalable way to build company-wide fundamental-level DEI competencies. With DEI development taking place on both behavioral and structural levels, our courses are strategically designed to spark behavioral change and support employees in developing their inclusion skills in their daily work environment.

deidei’s courses are crafted by DEI and pedagogy experts. We leverage a variety of pedagogical principles and interactive methods to elevate the learning experience and facilitate the practical application of knowledge, for example, through interactive and relatable scenarios.

In just 60 minutes, our DEI Fundamentals course delivers the latest data-backed insights needed to spark the change. The course guides learners through key terminology and its practical applications, and the significance of DEI in today’s business landscape.

Interested in sparking behavioral DEI change in your organization through scalable solutions? Reach out to us at, and let's collaboratively define the most strategic next steps for you.

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