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Long-term DEI partnership

DEI Kick-off | Inclusive Leadership | Unconscious Bias | DEI Survey

Brella is one of Finland’s most promising tech companies and the world’s leading virtual event platform. Their product is tech-centric but their company culture is human-first: technology is their core, but empathy and trust form their soul. They have a people-first oriented culture where they consider the human aspect before numbers, processes or technology.

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Brella puts a lot of resources and effort into their culture. However, they realized that they needed to deepen their understanding of DEI, and wanted to partner up with deidei in order to raise awareness and take ambitious & long-term action in their company. The cooperation is ongoing, and started with a kick-off survey and a training series in the Spring 2021.

What have we done so far?


🔹   Introduction to DEI lecture – the goal was to kick off our long-term DEI work and build a foundation for more advanced-level trainings


🔹   Inclusive Leadership training – the goal was to provide the team leads with tools & best practices for starting their journeys towards inclusive leadership


🔹   Unconscious Bias training – the goal was to raise awareness and identify the biases that commonly affect candidates and employees in the workplace


🔹   DEI Survey – the goal was to gain an initial understanding of DEI atmosphere among Brellaneers and set a clear premise for our future work

"Our goal is to be the healthiest growth company in Finland and thus, diversity, equity, and inclusion are a natural part of our DNA. We are extremely committed to developing these areas so finding a trustworthy and proactive external partner was a very strategic decision for us.

The collaboration has already provided us with much deeper knowledge and expertise around this topic than we could have provided ourselves. deidei has adjusted their approach to our needs as an international tech growth company. I can highly recommend them to anyone who wants to accelerate DEI change in their organizations."

Hanna Kontinen

Head of Talent & Culture

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Jyrki Paananen picture

"We are still at the beginning of our journey, but we can already see the atmosphere of discussion shifting only after a few months of partnership with deidei. 

The beginning of the partnership has helped us recognize our blind spots and the most common pitfalls of DEI work. We approched deidei because we want to ensure that every Brellaneer can show up each day without fear of being their true selves."

Jyrki Paananen

COO & Co-founder

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