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Bauer Media
Building leadership buy-in and an ambitious DEI Approach for the audio business pioneer

Strategic DEI | Learning & Development | Data Driven DEI

Bauer Media Finland is the pioneer of the audio business in Finland that is ambitiously working to make the world sound better. It is the market leader of commercial radio with 16 radio channels and around 2,5 million weekly listeners. 


Bauer Media takes its responsibility for people and the planet seriously. They wanted to kick off more strategic DEI development, and needed a partner to support them in this journey. That’s where deidei stepped in.


“deidei's consultants are clearly top experts at what they do, however they do not stay distant and hide behind their expertise (which sometimes might happen with external consultants).  Instead they were warm and collaborative and they were able to connect and build understanding with everyone regardless of their level of DEI maturity.

This inclusive approach helped everyone to learn more regardless of their starting point.”

Katri Mäkinen

Sustainability and Marketing Specialist


Step 1: Building leadership buy-in through deidei’s DEI Onboarding for Leadership service

To enable impactful DEI development in any organization it is crucial to have leaders' buy-in and commitment. This requires building a shared understanding of how DEI is connected to the company’s core purpose and business. That is why we kicked off Bauer Media’s DEI journey with deidei’s DEI Onboarding for Leadership -service. deidei carried out an assessment of the leadership team’s DEI maturity and starting point, and then hosted a session for Bauer Media’s top management team.


The session included a lot of latest knowledge, data and information from the world of DEI, but also gave plenty of room for the leadership team for individual reflection and discussions facilitated by deidei experts. deidei also shared the analyzed results and key findings from the team’s DEI maturity assessment.

deidei’s team had designed customized exercises that helped the team to create the strategic connection between DEI and Bauer Media’s concrete business. With the help of deidei’s facilitation the team ideated and selected three concrete steps to advance DEI as the leadership team. The results and impact of the whole process and the session were measured using deidei’s framework.

“I really appreciated how deidei was able to increase the understanding and buy-in for DEI topics at Bauer Media throughout the process. The end result, our DEI approach, is very clear and communicates our DEI vision, level of ambition and long-term goals for us.”

Johanna Halkola

Director of Strategy


Step 2: Co-creating Bauer Media’s DEI Approach

To ensure that DEI work is strategically linked to Bauer Media’s mission and operations, Bauer Media’s team considered it crucial to define DEI Approach not only with their leaders but also with people outside the leadership team.

A team of representatives across the organization gathered together and worked in a half day workshop under deidei’s facilitation, scrutinizing the key aspects of the organization from a DEI perspective and producing a number of ideas.

After painting together the landscape for the DEI future of Bauer Media, deidei started to work on the insights gathered in the workshop to crystallize the findings into a simple but powerful DEI Approach.


Bauer Media’s key DEI team members gave feedback on the output deidei created, and after a couple of feedback-iteration rounds the new DEI Approach was ready. The final result crystallizes Bauer Media’s DEI purpose and target state, illustrates how these are linked to the company’s core business and people strategy, and sets the long term targets for Bauer Media’s DEI work.  

“deidei worked really efficiently and effectively yet collaboratively. I really liked the Approach workshop, and those topics have raised various discussions also afterward in the organization. This really helps us to make DEI concrete and real within our organization.”

Sami Tenkanen



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